Best Food Processor

Best Food Processor In 2019

To make the food, peoples need to give lots of time in the kitchen but by using the “food processor” you can make the food in a short time and without any hassle. There different food processor available in the market with different features and specification. Grinding and chopping vegetables are both most common function included in all food processors. You can easily cut hard and soft cheeses and also you can mix the dough, dice, and slice vegetable with a food processor. They come in amazing designs with different prices which you can afford it very easily.
We tasted the many food processors after that we choose the best one only for you to make the use of this article for easy selection.

Top 8 Best Food Processors In 2019

1. Aicok Compact Food Processor

The lack of compact food processor comes with 2 feed tubes, 2 pushers, and 1 reversible disc. There are two blades included in it; the first one is made from stainless steel which used for meat, some hard ingredients and another one is made up of plastic that use for kneading the dough. This food processor equipped with a reversible disc which one side is used for cutting the carrot, etc and the second side is used for slicing the cheese, etc. you can make the sufficient amount of food for a large family. It has 500w powerful motor which works more effectively.
This food processor saves your time and also manual work. It includes four press buttons option that completes your speed requirements such as off button, low speed, high speed, and a pulse button. Low-speed button useful for cut the vegetable and high speed is used to chop the hard ingredients. You can select the working time as per your wish with the help of the pulse button. This only works well when lid, bowl and body base are locked. It gives you safety and it is durable for a long time. The big pusher is in the big tube, these are designed to ensure your safety. Its features prevent it from moving on your kitchen. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Aicok Compact Food ProcessorKey Features:

Comes with 2 feed tubes, 2 pushers, and 1 reversible disc
Two blades included for chop hard and softy ingredient
Includes four press buttons options
Save your time
Gives you safety
Comes with a 2-year warranty

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2. Kenwood Compact FP120 Food Processor

This Kenwood compact FP120 food processor designs to make your kitchen work easier and it comes from Kenwood brand. The interlock can be found on the bowl and you can start this food processor only when engaged it properly. It has 400W weight and it includes a part of the dishwasher which is very safe for you. This food processor has one speed plus button so with the help of it, you can control your blending speeds and attain perfect texture. It has a capacity of 1.4 liters which is perfect for making large meals. The blade is made up of non-degradable stainless steel which resists the rust. This food processor allows you to chop hard and soft ingredients. The body of this food processor made from plastic and it comes in 27.5L x 15W x 17.5H size (cm). The bowl has working dry capacity is 0.8 kg and working liquid capacity is 0.8litre. It is easy to use and also durable for a long time. Because of its small size, it not required more space.

Kenwood Compact FP120 Food ProcessorKey Features:

Has interlock on the bowl
Not required more space
Easy to use
Long lasting product
Comes with full safety interlock feature

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3. Kenwood MultiPro Classic FDM781BA Food Processor

This food processor comes from the Kenwood brand and has a compact design with a silver color which looks very beautiful in the kitchen. It has only 5 kg so you can easily carry it. It has the addition of dough tool, liquidizer, whisk feature which makes it the best product. The blade is made from durable material which uses for making a perfect meal and it is very efficient. It comes with the large and small size of two bowls, if you have no need to cook a large quantity of food you can fit small bowl into a large bowl and after finished you only need to wash small bowl not large bowl. You can make the large quantity of meal with the help of a large bowl.
This equipped with 1.5 L thermo resist glass blender which is ideal for blending the hot soup without worry about the plastic bowl. This food processor has two slicing disc; one is fine julienne disc which is used to chop potatoes in the straw and the second one is coarse grating that is useful for rosti stir fries etc. It has variable speed plus pulse function so you can adjust the speed as per your need.

Kenwood MultiPro Classic FDM781BA Food ProcessorKey Features:

Light in weight
Durable for a long period
Suitable for making a large quantity of food
Comes with two bowls
Include 1.5 L thermo resist glass blender
Has variable speed plus pulse function

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4. Ninja BL682UK2 1500W Food Processor with Nutri Auto-iQ

This is a precision food processor with high-performance blender and it is the three in one food processor. With the help of this food processor, you can make tasty food very quickly. It has a jug blender and this food processor design from Nutri ninja brand. This includes the Pre-set Auto-iQ programmes which save your time and effort and also achieve the best result. This food processor offers jug which has a capacity of 2.1L and also consists of two Nutri ninja cups with travel lids. The blades are specially designed to drive 1500W power and are equipped with recipe guide so you can make the many recipes such as smoothies, sauces, dips, doughs, desserts and full meals. It is very simple to use and easy to wash.

Ninja BL682UK2 1500W Food Processor with Nutri Auto-iQKey Features:

Simple to use and easy to clean
Comes with a recipe guide
Save your time and efforts
Has Pre-set Auto-iQ programmes

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5. Kenwood MultiPro Compact FDP301WH Food Processor

With the help of Kenwood Fdp301Wh Compact Food Processor, you can make very tasty food. It has 1.2L Capacity so you can sufficient amount of food and this comes with two speed plus pulse so you can adjust the speed as per your need. It required fewer efforts and save your time. It equipped with Reversible slicing and shredding disc which is useful for chopping the hard and soft ingredients. It is easy to use and durable for a long time. This food processor has a whisking tool, safety lock, and non-slip feet. For adding stability it includes rubber feet. Due to its small size, it required less place and the size of this food processor is 40.8 x 32 x 25.8 cm. You can clean it very easily.

Kenwood MultiPro Compact FDP301WH Food ProcessorKey Features:

Small in size
Easy to use
Simple to clean
Required fewer efforts and save your time
Comes with two speed plus pulse

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6. Philips 750 W Kitchen Food Processor

This Philips 750W kitchen comes with powerChop Technology which helps to increase the quality of chopping and also it has two-speed settings and so you can change your speed setting very easily. It includes pulse function that useful for maximum control. This has a strong base of stand table and also consist of the dishwasher safe assembly. This equipped with a disc that use to chop the soft and hard ingredients.
You can make food for your complete family in a short time with this food processor. Various types of attachment are available in it which is useful for making easy and quick chopping and mixing. It has 2.1 capacity of the bowl and also has size 210x210x368 mm. This is very durable and is available in white color with only 3.6 kg weight.

Philips 750 W Kitchen Food Processor Key Features:

Required less time
Comes with powerChop Technology
Includes pulse function and two-speed settings
Has 2.1 capacity of the bowl
Available in a white and durable product

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7. Kenwood FPM810 MultiPro Sense Food Processor

Kenwood FP810 multi pro sense food processor comes with a simple design. With this food processor, you can make veg, soups, sauces, dips, puree, chips, burgers, dough and stir fry. This including a patented folding tool which is designed to fold meringue, mousse and fruit fools as well as a dual whisk that useful to make the lightest egg whites, creams and mousses. The Kenwood Multi Pro Sense Food Processor equipped with a blender which is manufactured to assist in food preparation tasks. This includes a tough Tritan 3.5 liter bowl and thermo resist liquidizer and 1.6 L blender is perfect for hot and cold food. It offers a pro dual drive system so it can be operated at optimal speed from one base. You can make more quantity of food and it is an energy saving product. This food processor has a 5-year guarantee which means it is very durable in nature.

Kenwood FPM810 MultiPro Sense Food ProcessorKey Features:

Durable for a long time
You can make any type of food
Includes a tough Tritan 3.5-liter bowl and thermo resist liquidizer
Comes with 1.6 L blender
Offers a pro dual drive system

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8. VonShef 1000W Food Processor

This is a 1000W food processor and great blender is perfect for the kitchen when space is at a minimum size. It is a generously proportional 3.5L bowl with up to 2L and its working capacity allows you to process a wide range of ingredients and the 1.8L blender jar is really ideal for whipping up shakes and smoothies. It comes with two-speed settings with pulse function and a glossy matte black finish. It has provided with a 2-year warranty.

VonShef 1000W Food ProcessorKey Features:

Powerful 1000W motor and two-speed settings pulse function
Shiny matte black finish
Available for a 2-year warranty
Integrated accessories drawer
Easily operate

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Food processors are enjoyable as well as time and energy saving products. One can able to invest in this multi-functional kitchen appliance for all-around use. Also, pizza and bread can be made at home with these modern wonder gadgets.

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