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The famous, terrible and tender picture, top left, was taken by Magnum photographer, Raghu Rai on the morning of December 3rd, 1984, after the night of horror in Bhopal when a huge cloud of poison gas 500 times more toxic than cyanide spewed from a factory belonging to Union Carbide Corporation.

Thousands died in hideous ways. As the sun rose on streets full of corpses, Raghu found himself in a graveyard where a man was burying his young daughter. The father had covered the tiny body but then, unable to bear parting from her, brushed the earth away for one last look. Read more


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The Bhopal Marathon is the story of how for nearly three decades some of the poorest people on earth �?sick, hungry, illiterate, without political allies or clout �?have found themselves struggling for their basic human rights, and often their lives, against one of the world’s richest corporations and its friends in the US and Indian governments. It’s an unequal and often hopeless-seeming struggle. The corporation and its allies have it all: wealth, influence, the ear of presidents and prime ministers, battalions of lawyers, PR flacks and billions to spend on advertising and sponsorship.

The nothing people have literally nothing. Yet, plunged into a nightmare of cruelty and pain so extreme it defies imagination, the survivors, with the help of friends all over the world, opened their own clinics, brought healing out of horror, and returned good to others from the harm done to them. Their brave struggle for justice tells of a better side to human nature, of compassion, fellowship, laughter and the healing power of love.

This is a big document �?it has to be to cover almost thirty years in any meaningful depth. It is available as a searchable e-magazine here If you would like a printed copy, please email us here